Patient Instructions


Before Your Surgery

Before your surgery, a visit will be scheduled with your surgeon to determine if the procedure is the right treatment for you. This visit will include a:

  • physical exam and review of your medical history
  • review of any medical tests you may have had previously
  • discussion of the benefits, risks and expectations regarding your surgery

Once your surgeon has determined that the procedure is appropriate, our staff will schedule a date for your surgery.

Day of Your Surgery

After checking in for your surgery you will be shown to an operating room holding area. This is where you will get into your hospital gown and your IV will be started. You will also meet the operating room and anesthesia staff. You will undergo a preoperative anesthesia interview and examination. Use this opportunity to ask any questions you may still have about your surgery.

Your family will be asked to wait in a waiting area where they will receive updates on your progress during the surgery. Your surgeon will share a report on the outcome of the surgery with family members in the waiting area once the procedure is over.